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Home Trust offers mortgages to borrowers who may not meet the traditional mortgage requirements of the big banks. Below you can find Home Trust's most recent mortgage rates.
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What is the difference between a fixed and variable rate mortgage?

Fixed-rate mortgages offer predictable mortgage payments every month. The interest rate on your mortgage will remain the same for the entire length of your mortgage term. Most people choose to go with a fixed-rate mortgage because they won't have to worry about interest rates rising during their mortgage term.

Variable-rate mortgages have floating interest rates. Your interest costs could change month to month, depending on the prime lending rate of your mortgage lender.

Home Trust mortgage rates

Home Trust only offers mortgages in fixed-rate closed terms. They don't offer variable-rate mortgages or mortgages with open terms. Their fixed-rate mortgages range in term lengths of 1 to 5 years.

If you are aiming to pay off your mortgage ahead of schedule, Home Trust offers yearly prepayment privileges on their fixed-rate loans. You can make a prepayment of up to 20% of your original mortgage balance every year. You can also increase your monthly mortgage payments by up to 20% a year.

Making prepayments allows you to become mortgage-free sooner. You will also end up saving on interest costs over the long run. Home Trust offers some great prepayment privileges, so take advantage of them if you have the means to do so.

Getting a mortgage with Home Trust

Home Trust primarily works with mortgage brokers in the provinces they serve. To apply for a mortgage with Home Trust, you will have to contact a mortgage broker to do so. You can also call Home Trust's mortgage department if you have any questions about their products.

Renew your mortgage with Home Trust

If your mortgage term is coming to an end, you can choose to renew your mortgage with Home Trust, or you can shop around for another mortgage. If you decide to renew with Home Trust, you can contact a Home Trust Renewal Specialist who can guide you through your mortgage renewal options.

Refinance your mortgage with Home Trust

If you already have a mortgage with Home Trust, you may choose to refinance your mortgage for any number of reasons. Most people refinance their mortgage to lower their monthly mortgage payments, consolidate their debts, or pay for a significant expense such as a home renovation or purchase of a second property.

Whatever your reason for refinancing, Home Trust can help. You can speak to a Home Trust Mortgage Specialist who can help you decide if refinancing your mortgage makes sense. They'll also walk you through your available refinancing options and the application process.

About Home Trust

Home Trust is a federally regulated Canadian Trust Company. They specialize in offering mortgages to those without traditional credit backgrounds, such as self-employed individuals, or new Canadians with little or no credit histories.

Founded in 1977, Home Trust is a subsidiary of Home Capital Group. In addition to mortgages, they provide retirement planning services, deposit services, and credit cards.

The company has over 700 employees and is headquartered in Toronto, with regional offices in Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal and Halifax. Home Capital Group is publically traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

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